How to Clean Hard Water Stains in Your Showers, Baths & Toilets

Hard water, calcium, limescale, mineral deposits and soap scum are a constant battle to keep clean in any bathroom. There are many cleaners on the market that may come close to getting your shower cleaned but many are full of harmful chemicals that cause fumes making cleaning your showers, baths and toilets such a tough chore that it never gets done, possible leading to bigger problems.


How to Clean Hard Water Stains in Your Showers, Baths & Toilets

Why Does Hard Water Cause Stains?

Hard water contains insoluble mineral deposits such as magnesium and calcium that can leave behind a stain on surfaces. The two main kinds of hard water stains are: Soap scum and Limescale.

Soap scum: Hard water doesn’t mix well with soap. That’s because of an interaction between the minerals of the water and fatty acids of the soap. It’s a common nuisance you’re likely to find in showers and sinks or on bathroom tiles. It’s typically a filmy, off-white substance, though it can also be grey. More than cosmetically undesirable, soap scum is also an invitation for mold and mildew, to form.

Limescale: Also known as calcium carbonate, limescale comes from the heat-related breakdown of bicarbonate ions. That’s why you’re likely to find it wherever hard water and heat mix. If not addressed in time, limescale can build up, resulting in clogged and damaged pipes.3Limescale appears as a white, powdery residue, especially on metal faucets.

A Solution to the Problem

Quick'n Brite developed SCUM OFF, a product made specifically to clean hard water, soap scum, limescale, calcium and mineral deposits from your showers, baths and toilets. You can use it on glass shower doors, porcelain, tile, marble, vinyl, stainless steel, grout, even your brushed nickel faucets and fixtures, SCUM OFF is safe to use on any surface that water can touch.


How to Clean Hard Water Stains in Your Showers, Baths & Toilets


First thing you want to do when using SCUM OFF is throw away your old rubber gloves and mask you might have previously used to clean your bathrooms. There are no harsh chemicals or fumes, so you won't need them!


How to Clean Hard Water Stains in Your Showers, Baths & Toilets
  1. First, wet your shower down.
  2. Apply SCUM OFF full strength directly out of the container.
  3. Let it sit on your shower for 30 minutes. During that time SCUM OFF will break down your soap scum and hard water deposits so you don't have to scrub. Rinse the surface being cleaned.
  4. If needed, after 30 minutes, reapply SCUM OFF with your scrub brush then do a final rinse of the shower.



After your shower is cleaned to maintain your shower add 1Tablespoon of SCUM OFF to a quart of water and spray down your shower after each use. This will prevent the hard water and soap scum from building back up on your shower doors, tiles or fixtures.

Our mission at Quick'n Brite is to bring you products, that are safe for you and your family and that make cleaning your home faster and easier.
SCUM OFF is a great example of this. With SCUM OFF, we don’t use harmful chemicals, so there are no harmful fumes. This product takes out the hassle of scrubbing to clean your showers, baths and toilets.

Here is a real users' experience with SCUM OFF:

It really does work!

"The man who sold it to us was very kind. After watching his demonstration of what it can do around the house we bought it on a limb at a fair. Went home and cleaned the whole bathroom. The bathroom has never sparkled like it did with scum off. There is also a noticeable difference between the tile that was cleaned using scum off and the tile that wasnt cleaned using scum off. The scum off made the tile much more smooth. Some people had expressed that it didn't work very well out of the spray bottle. The reason for that is that you need to first clean the surface you are cleaning using NON diluted scum off. Then every week or so you should spray it on the surface using the diluted scum off. Would definitely buy again."


How to Clean Hard Water Stains in Your Showers, Baths & Toilets

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