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The Original All Purpose Cleaner

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Pet and Eco-Friendly

The Original Pink Cleaner 

is Still the Best.

Quick N Brite is the trusted leader in earth-conscious cleaners. 

Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our family-owned company has been proudly manufacturing Quick N Brite in the USA for over 70 years, consistently delivering superior cleaning solutions. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! 

Quick N Brite Can Replace 

All Your Other Household Cleaners

Quick N Brite replaces ALL your householder cleaners from shower and kitchen cleaners to clothing, dishwasher, stain removers, and carpet cleaners.

Sustainable Cleaning that Saves You Money 

  • Safe to Use in Enclosed Areas
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Irritating Fumes

  • Pet-Safe & Non-Toxic

  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Eco-Friendly & Earth-Conscious
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No Bleach, Sulfates, Phosphates, Ammonia

  • No Glycol Solvents or Alcohol

  • All Our Packaging is BPA-Free!

Quick N Brite will clean ANY mess

 both inside and outside your home!

Just try it on any stain...on any surface! 


Use Quick N Brite on a variety of surfaces found on your auto, RV, or boat - whether it's fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl or leather, carpet, mirrors, or glass. It works better than regular windshield wiper fluid because of its tremendous sheeting action. 


Quick N Brite is the ideal cleaner for all your kitchen surfaces from your stove top to oven, microwave, kitchen cabinets and countertops, stainless steel appliances, refrigerator, cutting boards, pots, pans, and even kitchen floors.


Quick N Brite is non-abrasive so it can be safely used on all your bathroom surfaces like ceramic, porcelain, or chrome.  Use it on  Showers and Tubs, Toilets,  Countertops and Sinks, Tile and Grout, Mirrors and Glass, Faucets and Fixtures!


Use Quick N Brite on any floor where you can safely use water.  Use it on linoleum or hardwoods, laminate, tile, or vinyl floors. Quick N Brite will easily remove scuffs, dirt, grime, stains, and smells. 


Quick N Brite works great at removing spots and stains from clothing. Use it on grass stains, grease, blood, or food stains, cosmetics, even ink. Quick N Brite's powerful cleaning formula works on stains when nothing else will. 


Quick N Brite makes cleaning windows and mirrors effortless.  With its powerful sheeting action, Quick N Brite provides a safe and gentle solution for achieving streak-free shine on all your glass surfaces.


Quick N Brite cleans both set-in and fresh stains on all kinds of carpets from plush, to Berber carpets, area rugs, or Oriental rugs, Quick N Brite works great in carpet cleaning machines without the need for harsh chemicals. 


Add a shot of Quick N Brite to every load of laundry to ensure your clothes come out fresh and clean.  Regular use will also keep your washing machine smelling fresh and It's been shown to dramatically reduce lint in your dryer.


A few of the companies who have used our commercial products. 

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Better Homes & Gardens’

"Do It Yourself" Magazine said:

“We've used Quick n Brite on the worst messes we could think of with great results. No matter where we applied it, the results were amazing! 

OUR CHOICE for Best Overall Concentrated Universal Cleaner.

Real People, Real Clean Results.

Very easy to make and to use!

I have used Quick N Brite for years and have seen it take out some of the tough stains including grape juice on carpet. I like that it is safe around children and pets.

Bonnie Timberlake | United States

Verified Buyer


Love this for laundry stains

Deborah A. Crespo | United States
Verified Buyer

Need to buy it

we have used it from the time it went on the market

Winchester | United States

Verified Buyer


I was happy to find this again. I had used this 20 years ago and loved it. It goes a long way. Perfect for cleaning shower walls. I have tried other products that never got it this clean. Use for blood on clothing, bathroom sinks just use with a brush and you will be amazed. This is the best!

Rhonda Collins | United States

Verified Buyer

Nothing keeps my shower 

shining like this product

Not a streak or spot in my shower!! My shower is 4 years old and it looks brand new. People come to my house and say "Why don't you use your shower?" because it is so clean. I always share my secret Quick N Brite. I have a lot of glass in my shower. You will not be disappointed!

Simone Rodriguez | United States
Verified Buyer

Makes window 

washing easy

I've been using this for years on the coast where windows need more frequent cleaning from sea mist, salt, and algae. So easy - use a long handled mop with soft wide head and just hose off until water runs clear. No drying needed.

coastie | United States

Verified Buyer

Wonderful for 

cleaning the carpets

This is the only product I’ll use in my steam-cleaning machine to clean the carpets. It easily removes the dirt and odors. I also keep a jar of it full strength on my kitchen sink and use it for pet stains and any other hard-to-treat problems. Also, I keep a diluted spray bottle handy for kitchen clean-ups. I’ve been using this product over 20 years and I wouldn’t do without it!

Kathleen L. Reese | Location, State

Verified Buyer

Made my rug 

look new again!

I thought I was going to have to buy a new rug after years of having a chronically ill cat who throws up everywhere and who's liquid medicine drips out of his mouth all over the floor.. The white parts were dingy grey until I scrubbed them with this miracle cleaner! I can't wait to clean the whole carpet with this stuff in my little Bissell carpet cleaner.

Samantha | United States
Verified Buyer

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