How to Clean Fireplace Soot from Screen & Glass and Brick & Stone

With fall and winter bringing colder temperatures you might be preparing to use your fireplace. Getting your fireplace clean before or during the season is important to prevent any accidental fire dangers.

A dirty fireplace can be a major source of danger and potential damage to your home if left unchecked. A buildup of soot, creosote, ashes, or any other type of debris in the firebox or flue can cause hazardous combustion gases and smoke to enter into your house.

When wood burns incompletely, it releases a thick smoke full of tar. The tar sticks to the inside of your fireplace, glass screens, stone and chimney, forming a black layer of creosote. Creosote is highly flammable, and a fireplace or chimney with a thick buildup of creosote poses a severe fire risk.

As you continue to burn in your fireplace, additional layers of creosote develop. The creosote also begins to change from a relatively harmless white powder into a thick, tarry, and crusty substance that is extremely difficult to remove.

Depending on amount of use, it is recommended by many experts, that you should be cleaning your fireplace at least once a month.

There are three (3) parts to cleaning your fireplace

  1. Cleaning your fireplace glass & screen
  2. Cleaning brick and/or stone
  3. Cleaning the chimney

We can’t help you with number 3, cleaning your chimney, we highly recommend you call a professional for this. But, for numbers 1 and 2 cleaning your fireplace glass or screen and brick or stone, Quick’n Brite has developed two highly rated products to make this job much easier.

Fireplace Glass & Screen Cleaner and our Fireplace Brick & Stone Cleaner

Cleaning your fireplace glass or screen

Have trouble with built up creosote, soot, pitch or smoke on your fireplace glass or screen?

The solution is very simple. First we recommend getting an old towel, microfiber cloth or paper towels to put underneath the glass or screen being cleaning. This will catch the dirty drippings. The nice thing is there are no harsh chemicals in Quick’n Brite cleaners, so you don't have to worry about inhaling any fumes or spraying flammable cleaners into your fireplace!

Just spray the liquid cleaner generously to areas to be cleaned, then scrub with a wet scrub sponge. Then just spry clean water to rinse and remove soot. Then wipe clean with our microfiber cloth. For extremely bad areas, let cleaner sit on surface for 20 minutes , then rewipe with sponge and rinse. Quick’n Brite will remove smoke, soot, creosote and pitch from your glass and screens.

Here is a customer video showing how well Quick’n Brite works!

How to Clean Fireplace Brick, Screens and Glass

Cleaning your fireplace brick and/or stone

Begin by removing as much ash and soot as possible using a dustpan and brush or vacuum. PLEASE make sure that there are no ashes or hot embers in the fireplace before beginning this project. Thoroughly remove dust and debris from around and under the gas grate and unit. Don't forget to vacuum the flue liner if you have one. Discard of ashes in a yard waste bin.

Next, using a damp terry cloth towel wipe the fireplace brick and/stone clean to remove as much loose soot as possible. This will make the next steps much easier and less of a mess.

Quick n Brite Fireplace Brick & Stone Cleaner Gel is a heavy-duty, safe, and non-abrasive cleaner that swiftly removes soot, creosote, ash, and all manner of grime from your stone fireplace surfaces. Its concentrated formula can break through the toughest spots and works great on surfaces such as brick, stone, tile, and rock.

Simply wet the included scrub brush and use it to apply the gel.
While the product is sitting, the unique formulation of Quick’n Brite is actually breaking down the build-up on your fireplace and doing the scrubbing for you. To rinse, spray the surface with water and wipe it with a terry-cloth rag or a microfiber cloth.

No need to wear a mask or gloves while using it as it is gentle enough.

It is easiest to section the fireplace off into grids and focus on cleaning one section of the fireplace first instead of trying to clean the entire area. It will result in a lot less scrubbing!

For stubborn areas, let the product sit about 10 minutes instead of using elbow grease. Quick’n Brite will break down soot and creosote while it is sitting on your fireplace surface. Use your bucket of hot water to rinse the brush out during the process.

Quick’n Brite products make cleaning your fireplace a quick and easy task, not an all day job.


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