Safe Cleaning Tips & Guides: Kitchen

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How to clean stains, floors, windows, carpets and more. Relax, let Quick ’n Brite do the work!

Discover the simple tips for cleaning tile and grout effectively in your home. Learn how often to do so based on the area’s activity level.
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Keeping your stainless steel refrigerator clean and shiny is essential, not just for aesthetics but for its longevity and functionality....

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Are you tired of investing hours in scrubbing and polishing your glass stove top, only to be met with smudges and a lackluster finish? In this comprehensive guide, discover simple, yet effective cleaning tips to leave your glass stove top sparkling like new, all with the power of our Quick 'n Brite products.
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How Often Should You Clean Stainless Steel Appliances?

When it comes to cleaning stainless steel, the frequency depends on its usage and exposure to elements. For high-traffic areas in a bustling kitchen, daily cleaning may be necessary to prevent the accumulation of fingerprints, grease, and other contaminants. For items that are less frequently used, a weekly cleaning routine should suffice.

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Have your glasses, dishes or utensils ever come out of your dishwasher having “white” spots on them or looking like they are covered in chalky residue? Then you may be dealing with hard water in your home. According to the United States Geological Survey, as many as 85% of homes fall into this category.
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Cleaning your microwave regularly brings a lot of benefits that people often overlook. A dirty microwave can harbor harmful bacteria that can spread to your food when you heat it up.
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If cleaning the oven isn't on the top of your priority list, over the years the spilled food and cooked messes can really add up. Even if you have a self-cleaning oven, the self-cleaning cycle can take hours and fill your home with a thick cloud of black, smelly smoke, not to mention the energy the cleaning cycle consumes.
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Making the Best Non-Toxic,All-Purpose Cleaners for Over 70 Years

Quick 'n Brite cleans the toughest stains with eco-friendly power, no harsh chemicals or abrasives. Our plant-based, fragrance-free formulas offer safe, effective cleaning for homes, around pets, and for the planet!
Oven grease and grime after Quick 'n Brite cleaning
Oven grease and grime before Quick 'n Brite cleaning