Quick 'n Brite Ranked 'All-Time Favorite' by Better Homes & Gardens

In an article in the popular magazine Better Homes and Gardens, they chose Quick’n Brite as the best all-purpose cleaner. They had a tool test-drive section where they featured a number of cleaning tools, and included Quick’n Brite even though it is technically a cleaning solution. Better Homes and Gardens tested each of these products thoroughly and chose them according to performance. Quick’n Brite is a true all-purpose cleaner and those who use it, know that it is the only cleaner you need. The article reads as follows:

"CONCENTRATED UNIVERSAL CLEANERS aren’t technically tools–they’re actually cleaning solutions. Select an all-purpose cleaner that works on dozens of surfaces, and you can simplify your cleaning kit.

OUR CHOICE: Quick’n Brite is biodegradable, organic, and nontoxic. It’s safe around children and pets, and has a mild, pleasant smell. We’ve used Quick’n Brite on the worst messes we could think of, with great results. Waterproof marine wheel bearing grease, soot-impregnated diesel engine oil, scummy shower stalls, RV holding tanks, fiberglass boat bilges, filthy wood floors. No matter where we applied it, the results were amazing. The only thing it claims to do well that we don’t use it for is windows. We find the solution that comes with the pro kit on the opposite page has a sheeting action that makes it easier to use. Quick’n Brite comes in both a paste and a liquid form, and complete instructions are printed on the containers.

TIP: The paste is particularly effective when applied with a scrubber sponge. The kind with a scrubbing surface on one side and a cellulose sponge on the other."

In another section of the same article, Better Homes and Gardens recommended the Hoover Steam-Vac for shampooing carpets. They rated this the best overall steam cleaner for use in the home, but at the end of the information about the Hoover, Better Homes and Gardens provided this additional tip for steam cleaning:

"TIP: Use Quick’n Brite, diluted according to package directions, instead of carpet steamer pretreatment, traffic area cleaner, cleaning solution, antifoam agent, and stain-release chemicals. Quick’n Brite performs all those functions well, smells great, and is far less expensive."

So you don’t have to take our word for it. Even Better Homes and Gardens agrees that Quick’n Brite is unmatched as an all-purpose cleaner. When you add in the benefits of it being nontoxic, Quick’n Brite is hard to beat.

Quick 'n Brite ranked All Time Favorite by BH&G"

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