Quick ‘n Brite Large Kit


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100% Money Back Guarantee. Used by over 4 million people in over 50 countries worldwide



Kit includes: (2) 30 oz. paste, (2) 12 oz. paste, (1) 64 oz. liquid, (2) 16 oz. custom mixing bottles, 2 triggers & 2 sponges

Use Quick ‘n Brite to replace your kitchen and bathroom cleaners and remove 99.5% of all germs while you’re cleaning!

  • Use one Quick ‘n Brite in your kitchen for cleaning ceramic stovetops, marble or granite countertops and hardwood or linoleum floors
  • One in your garage to clean grease stains and oil spill, or aluminum, chrome and stainless steel cleaning
  • Try Quick ‘n Brite in your RV to clean black streaks, or as a holding tank deodorizer
  • Keep one in your bathroom to clean soap film, mildew and hard water stains