Our most popular kit! (Liquid/Paste Kit)


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Used by over 4 million people in over 50 countries worldwide



Kit Includes: (1) 64 oz. liquid, (1) 80 oz. paste, (2) 16 oz. custom mixing bottles, (2) triggers, (2) sponge & (1) instruction brochure

Use Quick N Brite on every surface in your home, with the guaranteed satisfaction and security of a USDA approved cleaner that’s safe around your kids, pets, and food! Quick N Brite can replace all your household cleaners saving you time and money!

Try the Quick N Brite Paste or Liquid:

  • For cleaning set in clothing stains, or stains in your upholstery or leather. Use QnB Liquid in your steam cleaning machine and clean 400 square feet for less than $2.00
  • To clean pet stains.Apply the Liquid or Paste full strength!
  • To flush the holding tank of your RV! Empty your holding tank first, then pour a ½ gallon of Heavy Solution (1 oz. cleaner to 1-quart hot water) into the toilet bowl to deodorize and clean!