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The 64 oz. liquid concentrate makes over 370 bottles of light cleaning solution for windows and countertops. Clean without harsh chemicals and use a product that is safe around your kids, pets and food.

Replace all your household cleaners with Quick N Brite. One bottle of 64 oz. concentrate can make:

  • 372- 22 oz. bottles of window cleaner, saving you $1,117
  • 124- 22 oz. bottles of kitchen cleaner, saving you $372

Quick n Brite liquid works great:

  • In your steam cleaner to lift tough stains!
  • In your car windshield wiper fluid tank to cut through grease and build up on your windshield!
  • In your washing machine! Just add ¼ cup to your laundry for an extra stain fighting boost!
  • As a pet cleaner or shampoo! Mix 1 part of Quick N Brite liquid concentrate to 10 parts hot water.When the mixture cools, it will slightly thicken and can be poured into a dispenser. The shampoo will NOT lather, but it will leave fur or hair soft and furry without drying out skin! Recommended for show animals, livestock or pets!

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