Clean your Leather or Vinyl Car interior with Quick'n Brite

This is a door in a semi truck that the driver smoked in for 3 years.  Look how easily Quick’n Brite cuts through the dirt and oils.  Apply full strength the first time then dilute Quick’n Brite down to do light cleaning.  You will love how it makes your leather and vinyl feel.

Clean Your Fireplace with Quick'n Brite

Here is what Servpro has to say about our products for cleaning fireplaces.

“Quick N Brite is a powerful, all natural cleaner that works on hundreds of jobs, and this is one it is really good at. Most people are amazed at how well it removes soot , and brings brick and stone back to life”.

“you will not need to scrub for hours to get things clean. It’s specialty is lifting organic stains”

“Get this powerful cleaner to dominate this job, and then break it out for any other cleaning job that seems impossible.”

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Hardwood Floors!!

Vinyl Floors

Have you tried Quick ‘n Brite on your floors yet?  It works great on any surface.  Use it on Hardwood, Linoleum, Tile, Granite and Marble.  You can make a floor cleaner for less than $0.10 a bottle.  For general cleaning just make your light solution (1 tsp liquid or paste per quart of hot water) and spray on floor then wipe, mop or steam mop it like you would normally.  Quick’n Brite will clean your floors like new.  If you have really bad build up use the liquid or paste full strength with a non-scratch scrubber sponge and wipe on then wipe off with a wet cloth or mop. Because water hardness is different in each city;   If you feel like it is streaking at all then you are mixing it too strong and if it is not cleaning as well as you would like, add more cleaner.


How to remove Skunk Odor from Pets, People and Clothes

Hopefully, most of our bloggers will never need to follow these directions. But for those of us that have had to deal with the powerful smell of skunk odor, you know it is very difficult to get rid of on your animals, yourself or in your house. PETS/SKIN: If your pet has been sprayed by...
cleaning tips

Eco friendly cleaner

Spring Cleaning time is here! Only the people here at Quick 'n Brite could be excited about the idea of cleaning areas in your home that may often have been overlooked. We know you are busy and sometimes messes get built up a little more than normal. That is why Quick 'n Brite is the...